Read how our clients raved about our services.

"The consultation had been a very useful one, especially for us both who do not have much of a clue on what needs to be done for the wedding. Initially we were quite worried on the dates selection as we know previously from David that it is unwise to get married in the year of snake and following year of horse due to zodiac confliction. However, David still gave us very good date selections despite the situation. I especially like how he rank the dates with numbers and also the useful materials he provided. I will definitely recommend him to my other friends who will be getting married."

- Cyndi Leow & Willis Toh (Product Marketing Executive / Recruitment Manager)

"David is an extremely understanding, friendly, helpful, responsive and patient guy. I have asked him lots of questions for my wedding preparations, and he has attended my queries patiently. A last minute appointment was scheduled to meet him despite his busy schedules. I really appreciate that. He was detailed in his explanation, handouts provided by him were useful too!Price is reasonable and the waiting time for the auspicious dates is provided within few days. Highly recommended. Thumbs up!."

- Gary & Karen (Self Employed)

"David provides a comprehensive and convenient one-stop consultancy service regarding traditional Chinese weddings. This helps us save a lot of time in terms of researching in preparation for our wedding. He explains things in simple terms so that the lay man is able to understand; in addition, the wedding goodies such as the template for the emcee speech, etc further simplifies the preparation process. It has been a very pleasant experience for both of us."

- Ang Wei Kian & Geraldine Ang Shi Min (CG Artist / Teacher)

"I would recommend people to David (I have actually done so!). Very detailed report and very good service!."

- Hallie Toh & Lee Weiliang (Tax Consultant)

"Before meeting David, I imagined him to be one of those who are proud and snobbish due to his popularity but he turned out to be humble, helpful and pleasant to talk to. I thought he will be giving us just a list of auspicious dates but I can't believe he even sent us a list of wedding songs, emcee script, seating arrangement and guest list templates! Where to find such service? I will definitely recommend his services to other friends and relatives."

- Sharlene Pan Hwee Ling & Jim Tan Chee Hiang

"David is very sincere in helping people to select the best dates for couples. It is obvious that he is meticulous and professional when it comes to selecting the dates, he will also take into account of many factors to derive the dates. In addition, he is very friendly and helpful person and does not mind to help more than what he is suppose to do only. Indeed a big help to us for our big day. Lastly, A Very Big Thank You to David !"

- Desmond Ho & Destinee Yeo

"David is a great helper to us, offering professional tips and advices for our wedding day. He is patient, responsive and knowledgeable, even sharing his personal experiences with us. You can depend on him to get the auspicious date that you need"

- Alicia Lee Won Peng & Goh Kee Tiong (Technical Officers)

"David was very accommodating to our request to have the recommended wedding dates prior to our meeting, so that we can book the date with the hotel, this is despite his busy schedule. He has a good understanding of the Chinese wedding customs, and he took time to go through it with us. That helps a lot as neither our parents nor we know the customs well. On top of that, he also provided us with templates for the wedding day itinerary, emcee speech, etc. which saved us the time and effort to prepare for it. When we enquired further about his Fengshui services for our new home, he also patiently explained some of his past cases to us. Throughout the process, David's sincerity shone through, and we were definitely impressed with his service!"

- Desmond Foo Shao Shen & Lim Cai Rong (Visual Effects Specialist / R&D Lab Manager )

"A reasonable priced "one-stop" service that Master David Tong provides. Not only he provides us our wedding dates, he was also thoughtful to send us some templates meant for our wedding preparation (Guest Lists, Table Planning, List of Songs etc). Clear and direct instructions provided and explained for An Chuan, Dowry etc procedures. "

- Candice Tan YinYing & Kwek Yung Chieh (Freight Forwarding / Airline Cargo Sales )

"Master Tong is very efficient and patience with us while we are still deciding if we should hold ROM and AD together or separately. After meeting up with Master Tong, we felt relieved as he has prepared auspicious timing for our ROM just before our wedding dinner! And best of all, the wedding goodies provided by him is helpful to a clueless couple like us. Together with his explanations about the Chinese customary to-dos (Guo Da Li, An Chung), now we are clear of what we need to plan and do for our wedding! Thank you Master Tong!"

- Tan Shiyuan & Khoo Chee Siang (IT consultants)

"The service provided by David is very orientated, just like a one stop wedding guru. And David is very fast in responding to our email. The wedding templates (goodies) provided really save us a lot of time and trouble! Thanks!"

- Joanne Ho & Alex Tan (Chemist / Engineer)

"I find the consulting process comfortable and detailed as compared to other geomancer. The pricing was reasonable and the after-sales service was excellent! I was able to get our queries promptly and clearly answered. I would definitely continue to engage his services in future because he is easily approachable, efficient and sincere. Lastly but no least, I would like to thank David sincerely for the precious time and advice. Highly recommended to all! "

- Sheriko Chen & Xu Jihong (Accountant)

"David is candid and honest in his delivery! He is also funny in explaining about the things to note for our wedding. If you reading this wants someone who is modern and dynamic, David is the one! "

- Isabel Wang & Ng Zhen Yang (Enrichment teacher / Engineer)

"Myself and my significant other were preparing for our big day and was troubled over when would be a good date for us to register. Since there was conflicting information on the Internet, we decided to engage David as our wedding consultant after coming across numerous good reviews from others who have sought his services. Turns out to be a pleasant meeting! Not only did we get what was offered in the basic wedding dates package, David also offered, out of pure goodwill, some insights to our personalities and character. Also, he readily offered to provide a calculation for dates FOC when we decided to postpone our wedding due to personal reasons. All in all a great experience! "

- Chan Qing Yi & Koh Hongzhuang (Auditors)

"David has given very good service by replying to queries via email promptly before and after our meetup seesion. During the meetup session, David gave very detailed explanation on the dates selected and the procedures. Overall, we are very satisfied with his service because of his professionalism. "

- Michelle Lim & Ang Chze Hian (Auditors)

"Mr.David Tong is really fast in responding to my email and my questions. He helped us to select our wedding date in a very short time and he even printed it out for us with all the details. He also explained to us about all the things that we need to do before, during and after our wedding day. It helps us to understand the chinese custom better and to know the meaning behind those little things that we have to prepare. The print out really helps us to remember all those things as well. Even after the meet up, when I emailed him to ask about some other things, he still replied my email promptly and answered all my questions patiently. I really appreciate his great service. Thanks a lot once again. "

- Cindy Yap

"The meetup was fulfilling. You manage to cover everything that we need in our wedding preparations, from the choosing of dates to the whole wedding procedures. We are thankful that you given us some suggestions and tips to go about searching for the necessity that we need for the wedding. Thank you David!"

- Albert Teo & Lim Xinli (Engineering specialist / Program Manager)

"Mr David is very detail, patient and responsive to our requests.He also help us by choosing a number of auspicious dates as per our request. He offer alternative to us especially when I am not suitable for marriage in 2012. Services given by Mr David is professional. Thumbs up!! "

- Boon Choon & Xueyin (Engineer / Admin)

"We are happy with the services provided by Master Tong. He is detailed and is able to answer our queries and doubts. He provided us with many selections of the wedding dates and information needed to prepare for a wedding. "

- Yeow Hui Ting & Chen Shaocong (Engineers)

"Master Tong is a very approachable and professional consultant. He is well-organized and very detailed in his explanations. Providing very useful information and swift responses to all our queries. Definitely will recommend my friends for his services. "

- Cassmine Dong & Heng Chee Song (Engineers)

"Master Tong is very patient who explains clearly each and every detail so that we understand, and he never fails to answer our queries. Even after the meet-up, he provides us tips to prepare for the wedding. Most of all, he has a warm disposition which makes us feel comfortable meeting him. "

- Christine & TY (Civil Servants)

"Very prompt responsive service and tailor to the needs of younger generation like us. Also the dates are well presented and easy to digest for layman with proper printout. Good and proper run through of the customs and traditions and very patient with questions and make sure that your doubts are answered. Thank you for ensuring a smooth wedding dates selection for us! "

- Gavin Wong & Wei Ling (Business Co-ordinator)

"David is a very friendly and patient fengshui master I've ever met. He makes us feel comfortable for the meet up without any up sell any products. I can say it's nice sharing with some fengshui knowledge and my wedding stuffs. Though I'm unable to change my wedding dates due to some issue, I'm glad that he manages to help us find the auspicious timing which is good for us. "

"I was extremely impressed by all the small little things that he did such as the information for the Guo Da Li & An Chua in a report format and even Emcee script, Wedding Day Itinerary, Seating Arrangement and etc. With these awesome services, we will definitely look for you for our future services and recommend friend to you. Once again, thanks load! "

- Angela Chew

"We are really glad to have David help us with the selection of the wedding dates as we were in need of an urgent consultation to secure a booking with our hotel. Being relatively unfamiliar with the Bazi, Fengshui and traditional wedding procedures for our customary wedding, we were comforted when we met David. He patiently explained everything in detail and told us not to worry about the Tong Shu (which we were very worried as many people told my mom that Tong Shu is very important for the selection of wedding dates) that is not out yet. Moreover, he has given us additional information and after-session services that other Fengshui master will not provide and those are especially helpful to us. Thank you once more!"

- Aw Si Hui & Jeffrey Lee (Executive & Teacher)

"David Tong is a nice and patient guy. He is prompt in replying to email. At first I was quite worried that I may not understand those customary terms and I ask my mum to tag along. But he explained everything in a simple way. Thank you David Tong. "

- Jolene Ong & Loh Chee How (Settlements Executive & Engineer)

"We are really fortunate to meet you. Your numerous assistance, advice and guidance are very fruitful and valuable to us. We like the personalised produced report very much because it was written professionally. The Do's and Don'ts were also clearly explained in detailed to us. From the preparation for the solemnisation to wedding day, we are sure David has not missed out any details for preparing us for a wonderful wedding. Thank you for being patient with us too. "

- Angie Lim & Calvin Tan (Senior Logistics Officer & Associate Engineer)

"We have been pleasantly surprised by David's services. We feel very at ease with him and he was very professional in his explanation. The information provided by him was also very detailed, allowing us to make informed choices. Definitely will recommend to friends who are in need of similar services."

- Adrian Lim & Sharon Chong (Engineer & Asst Commercial Manager)

"The whole consultation was excellent. David is very patient in explaining the details and has shown professionalism in his services provided. David also took the extra mile to share other relevant information that couples need to prepare for their wedding. Great services and will definitely recommend to friends. Thank You..."

- Chen Wenxiong & Neo Huixian (Engineer)

"First of all, we would like to thank Master Tong for being so patient with us in arranging the meetup date despite his busy schedule and us requesting to change after confirming a date. Before the meetup we were worried we would be overload with information and we might not know what to ask. However, right from the start, the organized Master Tong addressed most of our concerns and highlighted certain details we never thought of. He even let us know the "lobangs" he has so that we can get certain stuff at a discounted prices if we are interested. In addition to this, he sent us templates (without us asking) such as AD Itinerary, Emcee Speeches etc. We were really impressed by his effort to help us in reducing our troubles during the planning process. Overall, we were comfortable throughout the email communication and the meetup "

- Koh Chu Wee & Kelvin Tan (Bank Analyst)

"I am satisfied with the patience and the service provided. You went the extra mile to explain clearly the different traditional procedures for me and my spouse's dialect groups are. You are also patient to answer my queries. When I ask for alternative dates for ROM, you immediately return the mail within two days. When I saw the timing of the email, it was send at past midnight. Thanks for placing great significance to our wedding as it meant a lot to both of us."

- Raymond Ng Kuan Siang & Ye Xiaofen (Teachers )

"It was a great experience for me and my fiance by engaging Master Tong's service. The one stop service that he offers saves us all the time and trouble if we were to find out about the relevant information ourselves. Furthermore, we are especially touched by his thoughtful gesture of sending us the "Wedding Goodies" after the consultation. Overall, we are happy with his service and will definitely recommend him to our friends/family. "

- Ryan & Valen (Assistant IT Manager & Customer Fulfillment Representative )

"Found David through the website when I was searching for a consultant for my wedding date. I was rather impressed with his numerous appearances on the local newspaper as well as positive comments from clients. Called him up to fix an appointment and he was very accommodating in trying to slot me an appointment amidst his packed schedule as I was in need of an urgent consultation."

"Consultation was very informative and detailed, and David was very forthcoming and helpful. As a young couple, we are not very familiar with a lot of traditional to-do and not-to-do for our wedding, but David was really a savior with his vast knowledge in wedding preparation. Overall, a very happy customer!"

- Claudia Tan Fong Hoon & Teo Chee Wee (Marketing Executive & Regional Sales Director)

"David has addressed most of our concern on our customary wedding preparation. The information provided were very detailed and it really helps people like us who have no knowledge/experience on the traditional procedures like An Chuan & Guo Da Li. One thing we would like to emphasize is that he is very prompt in his reply. Thank you David for your great service."

- Jeslind Jau & Sim Khiang Boon

"We got to know David's services through one of the wedding forums. He is always very prompt in relying emails. He is very friendly and patient when explaining the available wedding dates and customs. Even after the consultation, any questions via email or SMS are promptly answered. Great services by David and will definitely recommend his services to our friends and colleagues."

- Kenneth Lee & Jacqueline Looi (Accountant)

"My friends recommended us to David for selection of auspicious dates. He is very sincere and easygoing person who makes us feel comfortable with asking our questions. The session we had with him was not rush at all as he took his time to explain all the things in detailed including the dos and don'ts. Later did we realize that we had a few other friends who also had their dates selected by him as well. We feel very secure and happy with the date selected and this also gives us a safe feeling that everything will go smoothly for the wedding. Thank you."

- Huang Zhiyi & Cheong Ying Ying (Civil Servant & Business Analyst)

"We are pleased with your service and the report is very details. The sharing of information is comprehensive and we learn a lot of tradition and new things from you."

- Cliff Chen & Lynn Yasniati Hwang (Teachers)

"Master Tong is an extremely friendly guy and willing to share with us on the wedding traditions as well as the current practices. We feel at ease talking to him! He's someone who can attend to our needs well too. Will definitely look for him for his consultancy services when we have our own house someday! Thanks!"

- Hazel Yong & Chris Koh (Auditor & Engineer)

"We were actively in search for auspicious dates for our wedding but it wasn't easy. Friends told us that their dates were selected by their parents etc. Fortunately, we found David Tong who not only provides us with a few wedding auspicious dates for selection, he clarified our doubts and also provide us with wedding guidelines. With his professional and friendly service, he had definitely aid in our selection for our wedding date. We are also looking forward to his consultation for our house's fengshui. "

- Zhuo Xueling & Jimmy Soh Fook Yau (HR Executive & Instructor)

"I was given a pretty detailed and informative report given on the traditional wedding by Master David Tong. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to select wedding dates from him. A more modern approach for young couples who are unsure of the dos and don'ts in a customary rite. Thank you!!"

- Audrey T. (Manager)

"David is a very friendly Feng Shui Master and attends to our emails promptly. He is very well-prepared and provides detailed information on wedding customary things from pre-wedding to the actual wedding day. David provides a modern approach as compared to those traditional Fengshui masters which we think it is great. He is just like a friend to us helping us out with the wedding related matters which provide comfort to us and we appreciate it a lot. Thanks David."

- Lin Meiling & Lim Chun Long (Tax senior & Engineer)

"David is a very nice and approachable person. He made it easy for us to understand the complicated procedures and gave us lots of pointers. He did not beat about the bush and went straight into the main topic. He readily answered all our questions and the information he provided us with were wholesome. Lastly, it's very value for money!!."

- Koh Tingyew & Melissa Tan (Government Service)

"We came to know about Master Tong through a friend's recommendation. He is a very accommodating person who will try his best to explain all the details clearly to us and make sure that we have understood well. We were also extremely impressed with the information presented orderly in the form of a report format. He is so meticulous in ensuring that all the small yet important details are covered. With his friendly and positive attitude, as well as the awesome customer service, we will definitely recommend him to our relatives and friends."

- Cheng Jia Hui & Terris Leong (Manager & Civil Servant )

"Master Tong is a dedicated professional who is punctual in meeting his clients. He is earnest and patient in answering all our questions. Thanks for your good advice!."

- Tan Shu Fang & Terence Tan (Administrative Officer)

"David is very friendly and has a modern way of promoting this piece of Chinese culture. He's patient and clear explanation of the bazi helps us to understand the difference from just simply looking up the tong shu. The extra wedding goodies he provides is also very helpful in getting started for wedding planning. Would definitely recommend to my friends!."

- Jovian Low & Lelia Ng (Engineer)

"Master Tong is willing to share his experience regarding Tong shu and Bazi and is patient explaining each significantly. He is also willing to answers any questions even after the consultation. Despite mistake provided of my requirement, without hesitant he assisted and follow up after the consultation. Further to the consultation, he also provides wedding goodies that has value added services for wedding preparation. My Fiancee and I are satisfied with his service and definitely recommendable for couples who are looking for wedding dates consultation."

- Justin Chow & Gillian Ang (Ship Operation Executive)

"Prior to meeting David, we actually seeked a date with another fortune teller for our wedding. However we were only given a few fixed dates to choose and were not given any explanations why we couldn't choose certain dates. We were also not allowed to change our dates once we have confirmed with him. That left us very frustrated because none of the dates fell on a weekend. We hence seeked David's services recommended from a good friend and he gave us a thorough explanation on why we could not use certain dates and also helped us choose the best possible date from our choices. He also gave us practical advice with respect to our dates. David was also very helpful with answering queries from my mother and you can count on him to provide you with a good explanation with regards to any question you might have on the date selection. He has become a friend in this process. We highly recommend his services to anyone looking for wedding date selection or fengshui advice."

- Chong Shu Zhen & Zhang Junjie(Academic Researcher & Banker)

"Jackson and I had a great time talking to David! His short & sweet conversation allowed us to fully understand the whole customary process. We love how he even took the extra mile to send us, useful information for the wedding. We would highly recommend his services!."

- Sheena Lim & Jackson Su (Secretary)

"The initial apprehension of meeting a FengShui master was alleviated by David's warmth and friendliness. David is nothing like the typical geomancer or at least the perception of one. We were able to converse comfortably and the consultation was light-hearted yet informative. David went through his findings in an organized manner and was able to provide explanations in layman terms. It was a relief to have on paper the various traditions and customs that are typically knowledge resided only in elders. Many doubts were cleared during the consultation and a considerable number of useful tips (not part of the package!) were given as well."

"In terms of pre-consultation services, you can always trust David to reply to your emails promptly, usually on the same day! This is extremely helpful and important as it shortens the time you need to wait, in particular for questions to which answers you simply can't wait for! David was very accommodating to numerous post-consultation queries as well. Changes to initially date ranges were taken into account and additional dates provided, easing the process of selection."

"All in all, David's professionalism and helpfulness made this a useful and worthwhile experience. Will not hesitate to introduce David to my relatives and friends!;

- Shirley Lim (Accountant)

"We are very thankful for the support and effort that David put into helping us with providing our reading. The reading itself was very helpful especially the significant amount of detail that was included as part of his listing of auspicious dates. This proved invaluable in finding our optimum day for our wedding. David himself was also very helpful in answering our questions and walking us through the do's and don'ts for the wedding day itself. We feel that our experience with CMG, is easily the best experience we've had amongst all the consultants that weve been to for advice. There's no question that we would come back to CMG for advice in the future."

- Adrian Lin & Xiujuan (Internal Auditor)

"David has an assuring and cheerful nature that immediately calm my spouse and my nerves on our first meeting. He is helpful and articulate in his explanations on our wedding dates and the type of zodiac signs that clash with our wedding dates. We are glad to have met David who have helped us cleared our first hurdle."

- Zhao Yang & Sze Ling (Engineer & Sales Executive)

"We are delighted at David Tong's service and able to meet up with us and provide us with a list of wedding dates at such a short notice. Not only he explain to us what we should do and prepare, he also send us some very useful templates to get us prepared for our wedding."

- Ian To & Carol Lim Wee Wee (Senior IT Officer & Internal Auditor)

"Despite it being our first meeting, David has already impressed us! All our doubts were cleared patiently and in great detail. We were pleasantly surprised to have received the wedding templates and handouts on the procedures of the traditional wedding preparations. We are glad to have engaged David's services and would definitely recommend him to our friends. Thanks David!"

- Sabrina Seow & Trot Chiang (Bank Executives)

"David Tong provided friendly and professional service with a personal touch. He did not look or sound frustrated when I was initially persistent on my decision to host my wedding during a period which is not suitable due to my zodiac signs. He also gave couples the flexibility of choosing another date if we for some reasons need to change the original dates which I feel is value added services with a personal touch of flexibility. David's service can be sum up in one word, which is "Excellent"."

- Lawrence Ng & Boey Jie Zhen (Executive)

"David is very friendly, and gladly answers our queries even those that were not wedding dates related. The wedding dates report is also quite comprehensive as it list out a few best possible dates, and makes it more convenience and flexible for us to choose from. Thanks for the additional wedding templates to aid us in our wedding preparations."

- Ong Wei Keong & Candy Tok (Engineer / Accountant)

"To go for a Bazi reading, I was very afraid of hearing stuff I do not want to hear. However, David made the bad parts easier to digest by offering solutions for a better future. I have a clearer view on my strengths and weaknesses, highs and pitfalls, and I can help myself! Ultimately, that's the outcome I look forward to for a Bazi analysis. David was clear in explanation, understanding, and non- judgmental. It was a good experience and I strongly recommend his services."

- Betty (Administrator)

"I am very happy and lucky that I am able to find a good Feng Shui master like Mr. David Tong through his website. At first I was quite worry that I might get another Feng Shui master who is only interested in selling so-call good Feng Shui products. After some enquiries through email, I am convinced that Mr. David Tong would be the right one, and he really did not disappointed me and my family. He is very detail on analyzing and explaining the Feng Shui of my house and follow up with a detail report. I strongly recommended him to anybody who believes in Feng Shui. Thank you very much."

- Ong Chim Long (Manager)

"Got David's contact through my friend and realise many of the brides to be in sg forum also uses his services. Replied emails promptly and even after several unsuccessful attempts to meet up, he still try to find available slots for us. Very clear in explaining the whole wedding procedures and I believe even after he has completed his services for us, he will be willing to respond to any of our email queries. Will definitely recommend him to my other friends."

- Ang Hui Shan & Yap Ji Wen (Accountant)

"We were quite amazed by the range of services David provides. Besides date's selections, he also provided us a list of do's and don'ts which most young couples might overlook such details. David friendliness made us less tense even thou we are of first met. He even sent us few files which of so much useful to busy young couples like us. Thank you David, we will definitely come back for your services in the near future."

- Jennifer Liu & Lee Kok Hau (Quantity Surveyors in Construction Industry)

"Master David is very patient and helpful. He is very accurate in his assessment on my bazi especially on the health, relationship & wealth areas. I am grateful to him for his patience in answering all my enquiries."

- Shirlene Ong

"Despite his tight schedule on the day before his departure, and the emergency needs of the dates for the wedding show, David gave us his assurance that he would help us. Though a slot was scheduled, we couldn't make it due to work. Our panic was saved by his flexibility. He emailed us the dates and additional information on the customs, and no payment was made at that point of time! This further boosts our confidence and mutual trust towards him. It was a splendid experience upon meeting him. He gave detailed explanation on each portion of the dates report. He also gave us a whole lots of wedding goodies (emcee script, wedding songs etc)! We would definitely recommend his service to our friends! David, thanks again."

- Jackson Tan & Chai Hui Jiuan (Project Officer / Accountant)

"David is very friendly and approachable. He provides clear explanation on every detail of the wedding procedures. He even shares with us some feng shui knowledge regarding our new flat. Both my boyfriend and I are glad that we had chosen him for the selection of our wedding dates and will most probably engage him again for our flat feng shui in future. I would definitely recommend him to my friends."

- Yvonne Lee & Heng June Hua (Accounts / Civil Servant)

"Apart from providing the standard, there were a lot of other value-added services. There was full information on the AD preparations, Guo Da Li and An Chuang. I would say he's given us a bible for preparing the traditional portion of our wedding. Aside to this, he also sent us things like emcee script, table arrangements and 'to-do' list which I thought was really great! We would definitely recommend him to our friends as he's able to provide a lot of traditional with some modern touches"

- Faith Chua & Wu Shiyuan (Account Manager / Technical Manager)

"Master Tong is really helpful and very prompt in replying to all our queries. He is really patient and provided helpful advices eg. booking our desired hotel early as wedding couples tend to book very far ahead in advance. He helps in providing alternative dates should the hotel already be booked for our dates. Highly recommended!"

- Sheyanne Yow (Admin Executive)

"We were very pleased and impressed with Master David's service and knowledge and provide good suggestions to our queries, best of all he did not try to overpower us with his beliefs and opinions. Master David extends respect and courtesy to others, he is respectful and therefore respected. We strongly recommend Master David for his services. "

- Vivian Li & Benson Tan (Banker / Businessman)

"Being friendly and understanding is very important when you meet your clients and that was what David was. It was easy to engage David in a conversation and every question asked, he could relate and provide us with a very relevant answer. With his advice, we now know what to be done. Thanks David."

- Melvin Chee & Lee Shui Cha (Sales Executive & Purchase Executive)

"Master Tong is very friendly and patient, he explained to us in details of the wedding preparations and etc. He also took the extra mile to introduce to us about fengshui and send us a zip file that contains many wedding templates which are very useful. His service is really good and we have decided to engage him for bazi consultation as well. Thumbs up for his service!"

- Guan Xiaoyan & Patrick Chan (Accounts / Public Servant)

"We feel that David is honest and straightforward. He is not pushy about the other services that he offers as well. He bothers to explain the workings of feng shui, how it applies to the house and our daily lives as we are very new to this. After our first meeting he even bothers to send us templates for things like wedding guest lists, wedding songs, Emcee speech etc."

- Fion & Mark (Analyst)

"David impressed me with his patience and readiness to share his knowledge. The consultation was totally unrushed and detailed. Even when I had questions after the meeting, he took the time to clarify in his emails. Most importantly, he does not try to sell you anything and is perfectly honest about what Bazi or Feng Shui analysis could do for. If you are looking for someone to help you, he is the one to consult"

- Nicole Chin (Customer Service Manager)

"My boyfriend and I had an insightful Bazi Destiny Reading with David. David is friendly and approachable. He is able to explain to us in layman terms as we are new to bazi. We will definitely go David for our wedding date selection and fengshui analysis for our new home. Thank you David! "

- Shuli and Mike (Technical Support Officer)

"Friendly, accommodative and excellent service provided. Highly recommended to all. Thank you David."

- Gina Chong & Louis Ang (Executive)

"David is very jovial, detailed person and he leaves a very pleasant first impression. He totally understands that first meeting would probably have not much enquiries till the later. So he reassured us that if we have any questions, always feel free to email him and he will respond as soon as he can. Would definitely introduce him to my friends."

- Frances Teo & Xu Hongyuan (Marketing/IT)

"We have definitely learnt so much more from David than what was initially perceived. David explicitly explained the important pointers for wedding. Queries were not only answered but were well-elaborated. The wedding date package comes with a comprehensive yet detailed report on the possible wedding dates. This makes the date choosing a quick and stress-free planning for an important event!"

- Delphine Goh & Peh Ho Kong (Credit Analyst)

"David is clear in explaining the various steps and items for the various customs. He provided good service and did not rush through the explanation. He is also patient in entertaining our queries and clarified our doubts. We also appreciate the fact that he offered advice other than wedding customs such as tips on feng shui when looking for a house. Thanks David!"

- Lorraine Chin & Roy Lim (Human Resources/Analyst)

"David is very patient. He explains to us everything in details and the things that we should do and should not do. Even after our consultation and we have some things to ask him again, he will reply to us and let us know in detail again. The after-service is very heartwarming. We will like to thank him for the service he provided and he helps us a lot."

- Teo Wei Fung & Heng Hong En (Sales)

"We are impressed by the speed and efficiency along with the comprehensive first meeting. We had very little time to determine our Feng Shui date but David is able to give us what we requested at minimal time. Following that, the first meeting is informative and to the point. Further-more there is good after-sale service which offers good value. A very big-thank you for the help rendered and great service provided!"

- Isabelle Zou & William Chung (Accountant)

"Friendly service rendered. I'm glad that I found your services through the web. Will definitely recommend to my friends when they want to pick a date for wedding"

- Asheley Wong (Cabin Crew)

"My boyfriend and I are very pleased with Master David Service. He was prompt in answering our email and willing to share his feng shui knowledge with us. Not only he provides a detail report of our wedding dates, he also went to the extra mile of explaining the wedding procedure patiently. The whole explanation was detailed and clear. Highly recommend for his professional service."

- Dai Yuwei & Ong Chee Yong(Customer Service officer)

"Professional and friendly. Gives lots of alternative advices and amazing insights."

- Nicky Koh & Rachel Gan (Programmer/Executive Assistant)

"It is with great interest and curiosity to consult you when I chanced on your website through a Google search. I thought your website and profile is very well positioned to attract clients who are scientifically inclined like myself."

"On your site visit to my apartment your friendly attitude was heart-warming, and you gave me much attention and patience for all the many questions that I put before you. I appreciate your advisory answers to those questions, especially I know that I was pedantic to some extent in being repetitive in my questions. You also took the time to explain to me the basics of your Feng Shui practice and your specific approach you adopt to audit my apartment. Your initial oral presentation was clear and words used were pitched at the right level for me."

"On the 2nd meeting you surprised me with a very professional audit report, something I was not expecting but truly appreciate it very much. I must say that the overall service is value for money, and your constant reminders to freely consult you after the issuance of the formal written report gave me a very good vibe about your "after sale"consultancy service. Thank you very much again for your friendly approach and outstanding service."

- Erik Hong (Retiree)

"David is really knowledgeable in his area of work and was able to answer all of our doubts regarding fengshui. We booked the package for choosing our wedding date and after he went through the procedures of wedding preparations, he also took time to explain on our personal ba zi and even the floorplans of our home."

"The plus point is that he provides excellent after sales service. When my partner and I had difficulties choosing the date which David provided, David followed up not only once, but twice on additional wedding dates for us to choose from at no extra cost. Would definitely seek his services again and would recommend to others."

- Donald Ang & Grace Yap (Business Analyst)

"The Bazi Consultation I received from David was comprehensive and extremely informative. It told me everything that I wanted and needed to know. David himself was extremely approachable, and answered my questions patiently during the consultation. He was also very accommodating in arranging a convenient date and meet-up location for me, and responded promptly to all my emails. Do keep up the good work, and I will certainly contact you again for future consultations"

- Joanne Seow

"David is showing dedication on his service by sharing his knowledge and experience gained. He is passionate, sincere and patient during the consultation and in answering clients' questions. Furthermore, he is very competent and is able to furnish good advice on the spot regards to our queries. I will strongly recommend David to relatives and friends in future."

- Roy Ooi & Trina Tan (Technologist/Product Engineer)

"Master David Tong's very professional and light-hearted service really helps in the often stressful planning for the big day. The information given was very comprehensive and really helped take the edge off the stressful Wedding preparations. He was also very patient and responsive when we had to change dates at the last minute, which was very helpful and crucial in helping us secure another auspicious date for our wedding."

- Kenny Ng & Shirlynn Png

"David shows depth of knowledge in his field and shares information in a light-hearted yet professional manner. Our meet-up sessions with him has been enlightening and enjoyable. What is most commendable about David is his excellent customer service, where he promptly followed up with us when there was an error in the information we provided to him. Besides Bazi and Fengshui, he has also shared with us practical insights on our wedding preparations. Thanks David and keep up the great work!"

- Chan Sim Kiat & Ngiam Li Mian (Banking Industry)

"David gives very detailed explanation in our Bazi calculation and Feng Shui. He is patient in answering all our queries and guiding us in preparation for our wedding day. We highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a professional Feng Shui master. His sense of humor also makes it very comfortable for us during the session as well. Thanks!"

- Eric Lau & Chantal Seah (Banker)

"Thanks so much for the detailed explanation on the ROM/AD dates as well as sharing the customs and traditions. Also appreciate the useful information on the AD like itinerary! It really helps with the necessary information!"

- Lu Z.J (Assistant Manager)

"We have engaged David as our consultant for our Wedding date selection, Bazi and Fengshui. He is a highly proficient master who has vast knowledge of Bazi and classical Fengshui. His consultation services are very professional and we are very impressed with them. In addition, he also provides excellent after-services and whenever we have queries, he always replies quickly to provide valuable advises despite his busy schedules. Such dedication has made us feel like valued customers and is highly commendable. We would strongly recommend him to any of my friends who need his consultation services. Thank you very much, David. Well done and keep up the good work! "

- James (Engineer)

"A professional consultant who gives logical and sound advices. Never exaggerates the truth. Speaks tactfully and with a sense of humor. Gives an objective insight of your future. Definitely the kind of person that you want to turn to if you want to know what the future beholds, and to learn about future obstacles that might come along the way, and how to prepare for it. It was a great learning experience for me, and I would definitely go back to him if I have any future consultations. "

- Brian Tan (Shipping Assistant)

"David is very efficient and is always eager to help. He provides very truthful advice and is very professional in his field of work. David is friendly and approachable, which makes it very comfortable for us to work with him. We will definitely recommend him to our friends and family who need feng shui or Bazi advice. Thank you David!"

- Tan Wei Liang & Eileen Cheng (Civil Servant)

"Once again, thank you so much. You've been of great help to me for whatever issues regarding this marriage I have. Your replies have been timely and explanation is concise. Thumbs up for the good after-sales service"

- Samuel Lou

"Master Tong has given a lot of information and go through step by step on the traditional customs and explain in details. This gives the younger generation more in depth knowledge and the needs of using Bazi to set the wedding date. Lastly, thank you Master Tong for arranging the meet up time despite my busy schedule. Thank you so much"

- Ng Yee Pei (Laboratory Technician)

"We were very pleased to see that the result of the Bazi Wedding Dates calculation was in detailed report format (table form). And with your explanation, everything was very clear. You are very professional, able to provide us with more than what we expected. We were surprised with the extra information (such as what to buy for "guo da li" and what to do during "an chuang"), all were very useful especially when our parents are not sure of the customary too. In addition, your templates for guest list and actually day itinerary are very helpful as well. Thanks a lot!!"

- Gina Goh & Daniel Gan (Lab Officer / Technologist)

"Good Communication and great service which include providing information from the 'Guo Da Li' to the Actual Wedding Day and not forgetting the Wedding Goodies. We manage to finalize our Wedding Dates & Preparation one year ahead ! Thank you, David!"

Barbara Lee (Music Educator)( )

Wedding Ring

"Nice and Professional master, analyse well my Bazi, strongly recommend his service to all my friends"

- Angel Ko (Finance Execuive)

"David is very informative and knowledgeable. He provided a comprehensive explanation on how wedding dates were derived. He also provided information and recommendation on wedding customs and planning documents which were useful. David is able to relate and offer advice to the younger generation who may not be inclined to believe in traditions, customs and superstition. When asked about other matters other than those pertaining to the wedding, he was also very willing to share his knowledge and expertise."

- Yokie Tham & Sky Wong (Senior Executive / Retail Development Manager)

"His service is very professional and customer oriented. He answers almost every question that we had. He also provided value added services for us such as printed guidelines on Chinese wedding and traditions & AD goodies."

- Lawrence Chong & Jeslyn Kong (Senior Engineer / Financial Consultant)

"David is very comprehensive on the consultation and upfront on his fees. There is no worry on any other hidden charges. Highly recommended! *2 thumbs up*"

- Ivan Yang & Janice Lee (Account Manager)

"Master Tong not only help us to calculate wedding date and time but also provide us with lots of advice for our wedding procedure. He will attend to our queries promptly and quite a informative person. Whatever information he had, he will not hesitate to provide us. Thumbs up for his great service!"

- Chua Jing Yuh & Chiang Chok Meng (Project Coordinator & Sales Manager)

"David is truthful and very sincere in giving us the best information we ever need in preparation for our ROM and Customary. He is also willing to give advices and explain more to us when we are preparing for our Once-in-a-lifetime event. The best consultant we've ever met and know of! "

- Chew Soo Qing & Tan Kok Hian (Teachers)

"Master Tong has been very helpful with our queries. Not only did he select the wedding date and timings for us, he also provided us with all the necessary details needed for the wedding. When we realised there was a mistake in the information that we provided, he checked the dates for us again and gave us a prompt reply. We really appreciate his patience and efficiency."

- Tracia Ho & Ng Guankai (Civil Servant)

"Systematic ranking of the dates help us decide and rank our wedding dates at a glance. Detailed explanation of the Chinese customs, as well as information provided is a great help to us in preparing for the traditional aspect of the wedding which would otherwise be both confusing and frustrating for us"

- Michelle Lim & Richard Lin (Account Executive/Assistant Manager)

"Despite our many questions, David was very patient and informative."

- Anne Low & Kelvin Lim (Private Tutor)

"Master David is very professional and I feel very comfortable talking to him. His friendly personality makes me enjoy hearing him analyzing my Ba Zi. I was initially very nervous about hearing the bad side of my life but after listening to Master David, I feel very comforting and he will give you lots of advice and which year to take precaution. I enjoy the consultation and would like to recommend Master David to all my friends."

- Alison Yeo (Case Manager)

"After much research from the web, as well as recommended by a friend, we decided to engage David to assist in the calculating of our wedding dates. David is very friendly and put an extra effort to explain detals of customary wedding procedure which we know nuts about. He also provided us with a step by step English version of the whole traditional wedding procedure. Most importantly, he is very efficient and he always replied our emails and questions promptly. Highly recommended!"

- Stacy Gan & Ong Kok Yong (Sales Exec/Senior Personal Banker)

"David provides a clear explanation in his report. Kelly and me was impress by his professional work. Highly recommended if any of my friends would to ask me."

- Gavin Zheng & Kelly Siew (Financial Consultant)

"Master Tong is a new age, modern fengshui master which suits the style and thinking of young couples. He is very friendly and yet provides very professional service at the same time. A knowledgeable man, who is very upfront and honest about fengshui. In addition, he goes the extra miles by sharing the Chinese customary necessities and wedding templates for the convenience of going-to-be-wedded couples. Very impressive service! Two thumbs up for Master Tong!"

- Adelyn Han & Jason Tan (Executives)

"David is a friendly and patient person. Very well explain on how to derive the wedding dates based on our BaZi and also guide us through the wedding details step by step. Will recommend him to my friends if they need to calculate any wedding dates"

- Janice Tan & Lee Chin Keng (Accounts Executive/Project Engineer)

"Only 2 words - Very Satisfied! Knows his stuffs well and do not throw in unnecessary jargons to mess with your mind. Highly recommended! "

- Andy Chua & Verlyn Cheng (Sales Engineer/HR)

"David was professional and helpful when he explained the dates and procedures for ROM & Chinese customary wedding. His friendliness and patience really make the whole discussion interesting and worthwhile. The essential wedding goodies were also very useful. Will recommend him to anyone I know who needs date calculation for wedding or other important events."

- Wang Weiting (Engineer)

"Thank you, David for all the advice given. It's very helpful to clueless couples like us who don't even know what An Chuan is! And thank you for re-calculating the dates when we realised I gave you the wrong zodiacs.. Your response has been very prompt and the whole process was fuss-free"

- Catherine Ong & Melvin Chong (Corporate Communications Officer)

"We are glad to have chosen David's services for our wedding dates selection. He is very professional and is able to answer all of our uncertainties about wedding preparations. He is also generous in sharing information with us. Definitely a thumbs up for his service at such a reasonable rate."

- Jinny Kok & Terence Lim (Operations Analysts)

"We appreciate Mr David Tong for his positive professionalism and attitude. He is definitely sincere, helpful, and friendly and gives clear explanations to help us clarify any doubts. We felt fortunate to take his advice and be able to secure a date with the hotel which we desired. Once again, thank you so much, Mr David Tong."

- J&S

"I am glad that I have made the right choice in approaching David for my Bazi analysis. David was always prompt in his email replies and he was very punctual for our appointment. He explained the analysis to me in an easy to understand, light hearted and yet professional manner. Overall, it was an informative, detailed and fun session. David is also an approachable person who made you felt at ease talking to him throughout the consultation. I would certainly recommend him to any of my friends who need advice and direction in their life."

- Loo Shin Ley

"Master David Tong is really efficient and helpful. All our emails to him are replied promptly. David even selected the wedding dates for us even though we have not met him as scheduled because we were in a rush to book our banquet. We strongly recommend Master David to any couple who wish to get fengshui advice for their wedding. Thanks David"

- Terence Loh & Kim (Senior Dealer/AVP)

"The information David provides for us is relevant and useful. He understands the needs of couples who would like to follow tradition customs but have no idea where and how to start, and gives help to us in the preparation of the wedding. The presentation of the report is clear and straight forward. The best part of the service is that he is fast and efficient and we have gotten the dates in a short period"

- Tay Hwee Ling & Oh Chee Wee (Teacher)

"David is reliable and quick in his response. This is definitely an important factor of consideration for couples busy with wedding preparations! He has also shared with us some information on wedding goodies which was an extra bonus. We're glad to have chosen him as our consultant"

- Kelvin Loke & Mah Bijuan (Bank Executive)

"Explanation during the Bazi consultation was clear and concise. Very sincere attitude, not commercialized at all and it made me really appreciate the beauty and wonders of Chinese metaphysics. I have also understood that those charms and artifacts will not change my life but only help to certain extent, most importantly the change should come from the inside of the person. The person will also learn how to maximize the time during good luck periods. It doesn't mean that good luck, things will always fall in place but with hard work, results will be enhanced."

- Thian Hui Ling (Teacher)

"Master Tong is very helpful and service oriented. He is not one who is stingy with his advice and is willing to share other useful information which are not expected in his service. He is very reassuring with his words and makes his clients feel at ease. His reports are professional looking and serve as an easy reference for couples."

- SS & HH (IT Consultants)

"My husband and I are looking for our Wedding date and Master David's quick response make our planning more efficient. Not only that, he is very professional and detailed in explaining regarding to the way how he calculated the dates. Very grateful to him as he slots us in when we are in need of dates to book the hotel etc. Thanks once again to Master David."

- Vivian Ong Ai Lian & Lim Shi Sheng (Engineer)

"David's report on the selection of wedding dates was concise, reader friendly, trendy and well organized. He was able to summarize and give us additional advice on other aspects pertaining to marriage matters such as the customary wedding procedures and the various practices of various dialect groups during his presentation. Most importantly, he provided prompt and excellent follow-up services when we requested for dates which we did not include initially due to our own restriction. "

- Jasmine Tan & Kong Yuen Ho (Lecturer & Tax Accountant)

"David was very helpful. He explain everything in details from the very A to the very last Z. His way of doing it is a total different experience from all the geomancers that we approach. We are glad to have engage David's services"

- Edward Goh & Christina Lim (Project Mgr & Customer Service Mgr)

"Having attended Master David Tong fengshui talk for year 2010 organised by CMC Market, I was impressed that he is professional, humorous and down to earth person. He is able to deliver the talk well and I remembered that he said that fengshui is not about superstitious and one does not have to spend lots of money to place amulets. He believes in channeling the good qi that is more important and hence it would harness the positive energy of the place. Subsequently, I also approached Master David Tong for my wedding date selections and Bazi Analysis. Indeed, it was informative and enjoyable session. He also gave us a report of our Bazi reading and "wedding goodies". Master David Tong is patient and he takes his time to bring us through the process. For our new flat, I will be engaging Master David Tong. I will certainly recommend my friends who are looking for wedding date selections and those looking for fengshui help to look for Master David Tong"

- Audrey & SK (Executive & Engineer)

"We are very pleased with David's service! He was very patience in answering our questions during the face to face consultation, knowing that we are the 9th couples he met for the day. Overall, he was professional and his analysis is concise and easy to understand. We certainly enjoyed our session with him and will engage his service again in future"

- Cindy & Yongda (Engineer & Banking officer)

"Having met Master David for my coming ROM date selection, I am impressed by how he present the whole analysis to me. An easy to read and understand report from him makes it so easy for me to go back to discuss and explain to my htb and family members clearly. David also provide me with my actual day dates which is two years after my rom (according to my request), after which he also brief me some of the customs and traditions. Soon after the meetup with Master David, I received an email containing some wedding templates that will aid in the customary day *thumbs up* for the extra info you provide for us. His prices is reasonable and I will be his customer again when my new flat is ready. If you are one of them sourcing for a "Shifu" to calculate the auspicious dates, look no more, you will know why after the meetup with Master David "

- Adeline Ng (Administrator)

"A Big thank you for Master Tong to help us choose our Wedding Date. Master Tong helps us to summarize and simplify details so that is easier for us to follow and understand. Didn't make a wrong choice in consulting Master Tong for our Wedding Date. Learn a lot from him during our meet up. He even does follow up with us when our wedding date drew nearer. Luckily we choosen Master Tong to help us use our Ba Zi to calculate our Wedding Date instead of waiting for Tong Shu to be out in Jul 2010 for Yr 2011 dates. If we were to wait till Jul 2010, think most of the slots in Hotels for 2011 will b taken out. Will surely recommend Master Tong to my friends who need to calculate their Wedding Dates"

- Cecilia Hung (Trainer)

"David provides a one-stop service for us for our marriage preparation. From choosing of FTB/ROM dates to nitty gritty details for Chinese customary, David would come out with an informative list and explain to us patiently. What we appreciate most however is his analysis, which is based on logical reasoning rather than pure superstition. We will definitely recommend David to our friends and colleagues."

- Anson Loo & Yvonne Lo (Engineer & Accountant)

"We really enjoy the informative session with David. He is very reassuring and he never fails to explain patiently to us about the different aspects of the wedding. Most importantly, when we made a mistake regarding our information he was quick to help us resolve our problem without battering an eyelid. Thank you again for your patience and kind attention. We would definitely encourage any couples who are tying the knot soon to approach him. Thank you David for your assistance."

- Frederick Tay & Ng Zhaoyue (Lawyer & Teacher)

"Thank you for your prompt service and advice. Thank you for taking the extra mile to email us the "wedding goodies". Charlton & I appreciate it greatly!. It helps us to save time planning for the wedding!"

- Agnes Tan & Siew Yue Kuan (Bankers)

"Down to earth & humble man without any airs. Detailed explanations on the whole process of the date selections & customary procedures. Will recommend him to friends whenever possible"

- Ang Jia Qin & Lim Kwee Teck (Public Relations Officer)

"Master Tong is a friendly and humorous consultant. He is very patience in explaining the details on the whole wedding process. His explanations on the "Dos/ Don'ts" and what are the things we need to strictly follow are very clear.

Master Tong provides personalize charts, tables and data that are very useful and informative to us. He is very fast in replying our queries in details through emails. He is very professional and reliable Feng Shui Master who displays great knowledge. Most important of all, he explains what we need to know in a logical way and not in a spiritual and superstitious manner"

- Yeo Teck Siong & Ten Yun Bee (System Engineer)

"The session with you was a very informative and enjoyable one. Your willingness to share, and enthusiasm to help us with our wedding planning, as well as answering our curiosity towards other forms of feng shui questions, got us interested and we hope we can engage in your services again. Should others look for a feng shui master, I would highly recommend you."

- Wu Xiaoqi & Sim Hsin Loong (Stock Dealer)

"Master David Tong is a very friendly person, and very approachable, and replies emails very promptly. He answers my questions in a very fun and humourous way, and it is really comfortable and enjoyable talking to him. He also provides very useful guides for wedding planning purposes, and has provided me with very informative guides to go about with my wedding planning. I will definitely recommend Master Tong to others"

- Grace Wang (Research Engineer)

"David has been very helpful and professional since the beginning. He slotted us in on a Saturday in the early morning on a last minute request. After meeting him, we were very impressed by the report that was generated for us, even my colleagues were surprised at how modern Feng Shui and Geomancy can be! We felt that we were rather demanding, even asking for good dates for the first try of gowns and more auspicious dates for the year more than we initially had asked for, however David's continual service after the 1st consultation was great! Always prompt on his emails and ready to reply to enquiries. We took the Wedding Package and felt that it's $100 well-spent, and will definitely recommend him to our friends "

- Rosen (Structural Engineer)

"Master Tong is always prompt with his replies and makes us feel safe with the dates that he has chosen. He explains things clear enough and is professional. Will recommend him to anyone who needs to seek advise or help with wedding dates and calculation. Last but not the least, he is thoughtful enough to add wedding freebies which helps me to save time sourcing them online. Thanks Master Tong and keep in touch!"

- See Wen Yu & Ling Wei Sen (Customer Service Associate)

"David exhibits strong professionalism and quality service. He is prompt in his follow-up and very willing to share information. He is patient and clear when addressing questions and we appreciate him sharing the analysis behind the date selections and reasons for the wedding customs, rather than merely providing them."

- Adeline and Daniel (Civil Servant and Engineer)

"Both of us felt glad that we have chosen the right person to have our marriage date selection done. Master Tong was very patience in answering our queries which have certainly benefitted us a lot in our wedding preparation"

- Ms Ong & Mr Lim (Civil Servants)

"I like that the procedures of the other nitty gritty stuff like Guo Da Li and An Chuang were explained to me too. It really helps when you know nothing about the procedures."

- Lee Anqi & Yang Weiliang (Dentist/WSO fighter (SAF))

"We were really impressed with the clear and detailed analysis of the calculation of our wedding dates, which will suit well with couples of our generation. And we were pleasantly surprised with more than 1 selection of the wedding date, with a few to choose from. David also provided us with additional useful information and certainly made our wedding date selection a delightful and fuss-free experience! Thank you David and we'll definitely be back for more of your services"

- Emily & Wyvan (Customer Service Manager & Director of Oom Pte Ltd)

"Personally I feel that Master Tong is very genuine as a person. There are no gimmicks, just plain simple truth. I would recommend him to my friends because the eternity package including our new home feng shui is very worth while. I can't wait to get my fiancee and my bazi read."

- Sean Lim & Jeannie Loo (Government Servant)

"We were very impressed with Mr Tong's knowledge and professionalism. We will definitely recommend him to our friends in the future!"

- Chee Seow Hui & James Pee (Admin Manager & Financial Analyst)

"Master Tong is friendly, helpful, quick in replying emails, humourous, professional, concise in his explanation & reliable."

- Jason Chua & Jessie Phon (Engineer & Executive)

"Master Tong is a knowledgeable person who is friendly and detailed. His presentation is thorough and accurate. He also replies our emails promptly. Very good after sales service and approachable person for other advise."

- Selene Tien & Kelvin Goh (Preschool Teacher and Bank Executive)

"David is a very knowledgeable guy in terms of geomancy and marriage rites. Besides the calculation of the wedding date, he also provides us on the information of the wedding as well as traditional practices. We are especially impressed by his wedding goodies which we believe will be a great help for our wedding planning. "

- Oh Huiping & Wee Jun Chiang (Radiographer)

"David is good in providing complete and straight forward analysis. His interpretation is very comprehensive. I personally think that his way of interpretation is adaptive to all age levels. He has been a very good advisor and is very responsive to my queries. THANK YOU, DAVID!"

- Sue Ling (Construction Cost Consultant)

"David is very patient and very professional. He explained all the necessary things required for our wedding preparations and even gave us additional info to assist in the preparation even though it was not required of him. Thumbs up for David"

- Wang Yanting & Andy Lim (Bank Officer & Sales Engineer)

"David is a warm and humble gentleman who is very intelligent, professional and efficient in his field. I highly recommend young couples, especially whose who are eager to follow traditions but are unsure on how to go about it, to see him for advice, because he is patient and clear in his explanations and does not scrutinize nor criticize. He also includes a lot of additional information that would be useful for your wedding and you can most definitely sense his sincerity to help you! I will have no hesitation to recommend him to my peers who need assistance in future! Thank you very much, David, for your kind advice and follow up!"

- Yvonne Tham (Client Services)

"We really appreciate Master Tong's consultation. You provided us with very helpful guidelines and bazi analysis in a clear and concise format. Very friendly and will go the extra mile to cater to our requests. We thank you very much and hope to be seeking more insight from you in future!"

- Sharon Ho & Teo Litong (Senior Tech / Inspector)

"Master Tong is very professional and is very willing to share his knowledge of Fengshui. We are thankful that he can provide us with auspicious wedding dates in such short notice, and for making time for us for the consultation. He has also kindly shared advices for a smoother wedding preparation, which are very useful. We would definitely recommend Master Tong to our friends should they require Fengshui consults."

- Jeryd Soh & Janet Tang (Executive)

"David is a knowledgeable and experience consultant. He gives detailed explanations and advices. We are very pleased with his services, and will definitely recommend anyone who requires wedding consultation services and advices."

- Lim Xiaowei & Kenneth Loh (Engineer / Executive)

"David is friendly and approachable. We are comfortable with his clear explanations and suggestions for our new home. There is no expensive ornament or awkward arrangement so it is easy to follow. He still answers our queries even after the consultation."

- Aiko Huang & George Lim (Education Officer/ System Analyst)

"David is very helpful and he is able to answer our queries. He is nice to talk to and also willing to share his experience on Feng Shui with us. His follow-up service through emails is prompt. He has definitely made our preparation for our marriage simpler and easier with his wedding goodies. Thumbs up for his services."

- Jess Kuek & Hsiong Loong (Accountant & Sales Executive)

"Will recommend friends to you if they are going to get marry. You don't show off like some other Masters where they will scold you or show face to you!"

- Maggie Teo & Tan Chee Beng (Programme Executive)

"We would like to thank David sincerely for his help in selecting our AD, AC and GDL dates. We had initially selected a date which we wanted but changed due to unforeseen circumstances. David was very helpful and attentive to re-select another set of dates for us without additional costs. Thank you very much, David!"

- Jeremy Chee & Maisie Foo (Sales Exe & Buyer)

"We are happy with your service, able to answer all of our questions and advising us on what is more important to focus for the wedding day. We also like the summary for what to do for customary marriage and what can be opt out if situation does not permit. We will be looking forward to settling the rest of our marriage plans, now that we have the dates and some knowledge on what to do next."

- Eve Chuk & Soh Yew Cheong (Planning Engineer & Marketing Executive)

"Made a last min request to see if master tong is able to squeeze out some time to make a session for us on Fri as we might wanna go put deposit for a wedding banquet during the weekend but has got no dates yet. Despite his busy schedule, he still managed and try to squeeze out a time slot for us on sat noon, timing is just nice. Really appreciates that.

Prior to meet up, the preparation work was nicely and sufficiently done, a lot of info, guides and notes were given to us other than the verbal session. Lots of questions were asked as we weren't really sure of those traditional stuffs but master tong answered them and explained them clearly. Felt that the money was kinda well spent as his package comes as a whole with other stuffs thrown in as well. One good thing is we can follow up with him by either emailing him our doubts and he promises replies usually within 2 working days which usually he never fails to do so.

Master Tong will provide a set of notes of the stuffs he explained so that we can refer to it and I think it is quite useful. For those who have been wanting to try but still thinking, I should say, try first then you'll know if it's worth, if you don't try you won't know if he's good. Cheers!"

- Lai Xiuli & Aw Chin Hwa (Graphic Designer and Process Technician)

"David Tong service was really fantastic. We engaged him for Feng shui audit for my new house. Thumbs Up! He is very punctual & responsible. His after sales service was great too. Even when he is overseas he also replies to our urgent questions either through SMS or email. He did not introduce any unnecessary Feng shui elements. He is a nice guy with heart of gold. We appreciate his service & advice. He is definitely not that Feng shui master who only interested in making more money. His attitude & work ethic was great. Thumb up again. I will definitely recommend him to any of my friends & colleagues who need his service.

He recommended his ID to us also; Nicholas from RENOZONE INTERIOR DESIGN HOUSE was also a responsible & reliable guy. Thumb up to him.

Overall we had almost a stress free Feng shui audit & renovation. Big Thanks to David Tong. Well done to you! Great job keep it up!"

- Cindy Tay

"David is very prompt in answering our email queries. He made it easy for us to understand the information pertaining to the wedding date calculation. Also, he took the utmost care in computing our wedding date."

- Candy & Eu Chiong (Senior Risk Consultant & Sub-Editor)

"David is systematic and thorough in his analysis. Also, he has offered logical and practical advice on various ways of considering an issue. He is pleasant, easy-going and open-minded such that I have felt comfortable asking him questions. I will recommend him to people I know who wish to seek similar consultancy. "

- Jasmine (Manager)

"David provides great service, Punctual in appointment and gives reasonable pricing considering the extra 'freebies' that were thrown in as a surprise for our wedding date selection package. His package is great such that he provides as many auspicious dates as possible for the time period being chosen for marriage. He would even give advice to the soon to be newly weds on their respective customs to follow accordance to their dialect groups. He's also very patient to all our many questions about Feng Shui, being newbies to this field."

- Jeremy Goh (Manager)

"We decided to engage David services after meeting him for a no obligation introduction to his Eternity Wedding Package and Feng Shui consultation. David is very well versed in his subject. He is very patient and detailed in explaining all the details as well as sharing real life examples of Feng Shui cases he had audited.

David is always available and is very prompt in answering our questions and doubts through emails. His after sales consultation is really excellent! Whenever we have questions or doubts regarding selection of dates, wedding issues, renovation, and even small issues like placing of mirror in the house, David is always very helpful to advise and provide us with guidance.

What stands out against other Feng Shui masters is that David does not advocate buying of crystals and stones to enhance the 'luck' prospect. He is a well versed, young and exciting Feng Shui master, very in touch to the young generation needs. We would definitely engage David in our new home feng shui in future!

Thank you David. We really appreciate your help, patience and understanding!"

- Roger & Serena

"Master Tong is very professional in the way he delivered his advice and services. At the same time, he was friendly and approachable, making the whole conversation very light-hearted and stress-free. He was punctual and waited patiently even though I came late. Information was provided directly and all my queries were met. He even provided additional information for all my questions, some not even pertaining to weddings. I would recommend all brides-to-be who are interested in getting good dates to get the Ba Zi reading from him as it is more accurate and catered to both bride and groom than the general tong shu dates. You would not regret it. All the best!"

- April (Civil Servant)

"Understanding that couples are usually lost and puzzled on the Chinese tradition, Master Tong not only shared the information for our wedding date calculation, he also shared the preparation for the wedding! With his help, we will be able to use the information as a check list for the things to buy and prepare."

- Gina Teo & Leong Chee Weng (Executive)

"A very nice & approachable person. Well-knowledge of Feng Shui and most importantly he does not have any Feng Shui Master 'ACT'. We felt very comfortable throughout the discussion."

- Christina (Proposal Executive)

"We are thankful that we chanced upon your testimonials at SingaporeBrides forum. Reading all the testimonials and feedbacks about the great service rendered convinced us to contact you and seek your help in selecting our wedding date. You are also very accommodating in scheduling our meeting time, in which we are truly grateful for. You provided us with a very clear explanation of the dates and time and all that is needed for the customary wedding. On top of that, you are also very patient in clarifying our doubts and encourage us to email you whenever we are faced with further enquiries. We are truly thankful for your kind assistance and because of the great experience that we had with you, we have recommended you to our friends, who are in the midst of selecting their wedding dates too. I hope that you will continue to render great service to them."

- Farica Cuanita & Yudi Firmanto Lauw

"Overall the service rendered is good and prompt. A very friendly and approachable advisor!"

- Germaine Ang & Hoe Tze Huat (Sales & Marketing )

"Will definitely recommend to my friends who need help in calculating auspicious dates"

- Shennie Shee & Chua Kok Meng (Civil Servants)

"Detailed explanations provided with extra goodies to aid couples for wedding preparations. 2 thumbs up!"

- Angeline Goh & Eric Chou (Assistant Product Development Manager)

"I've got David's contacts through my cousin's recommendation. David is a very patience person who explains very clearly to us about the procedure & how he comes out with his proposal dates for our customary wedding. As we were late for the appointment, he did not show any unpleasantness at all & initial to give us more ideas on how we should go about with the whole arrangement. David also provides personalized & professional service for us which we feel very satisfied. We enquired more other questions which involve our new home feng shui & he offered to explained to us without extra charges in taking up his time. He did not cross-sell any other products which we feel that he is honest & sincere with this service. I will continue to refer more friends to him."

- Annabelle Zhuo & Zhi An (Banker & Operations Manager)

"A master in his trade. David has provided us very efficient and professional service. It was a great pleasure and we will definitely recommend our friends to you! "

- Kimberley Lim & Lee Wei Cai ( Relationship Manager)

"David has been very professional in his service. Thanks for the prompt reply on our special request on the wedding calculation. Thumb up and highly recommend to all wedding couple"

- Casey Chen (Sales Consultation)

"Thanks Mr Tong for helping us on our wedding date selection! Appreciate the prompt reply when we had to request for a last minute recalculation of the wedding dates as there was en error in our parents' zodiac provided by us and we had to confirm the date the following day. Thanks for replying in the wee hours of the morning!... The brief house feng shui explanation was also very informative and we would definitely consider getting the House Fengshui package when the time comes. Thanks a lot once again"

- Belinda Wee & Gerard Tong (Engineer)

"David is really professional, he explained all the wedding preparation details patiently and clearly. All thanks to his wedding selection date report, we can go ahead with our wedding ceremony and dinner at ease. Thumbs up for him."

- Adrian Foong & Kor Ziting (Engineer)

"My fiancee and I are satisfied with the consultations provided by CMG Consulting. They provide a detailed explanations for all documents handed over to us."

- Irene Seah & Daniel Ng (Radiation Therapist/ Engineer)

"A well prepared consultant, with all the documents ready for the new couple with a comprehensive explanation. He provides prompt reply even through email. After the consultation, we are glad that we are able to keep in contact for further clarification. After all, we were well furnished up on the process needed. Thanks and appreciated."

- Chan Wing Cher & Jessie Tan (Executive)


- Nicholas & Jasmine (Engineering)

"Interesting blend of traditional and modern views to get the parents interested and let us understand the traditions and customs better. Friendly and accommodating to our requests as well. "

- Joshua and Audrey

"David is a very sincere, friendly and patient guy. His meticulous and helpful attitude will help you understand the wedding details better."

- Shann & Louis (Civil Servant)

"David has been an extremely patient and efficient geomancer in helping us get the dates available for our wedding, despite the very short notice. Really appreciate his help."

- Leow Eng Bee & Andy Yip (Teacher & Shipping Executive)

"David is patience and has responded promptly during the pre and sales services. He generated few auspicious dates for our new house 'door opening' even before we engaged his services. In term of answering all our doubts in audits result, he provided informative advice to our satisfactory. We will definitely consider his services in future. "

- Sharon Oh (IT Deputy Head)

"David Tong is very professional in his work and sees to it that we understood the information. In fact, we provided him dates that were one year earlier than we wanted, but David Tong was very kind to provide us with another set of dates with no qualms. He also answered many of our other queries with patience. Couples, who feel intimidated by old traditional masters, can approach David Tong, who is anything but that. "

- Felicia Tan & Wang Junxian (Executive & Teacher)

"David is a professional who knows his craft well. During the 1 hr session with him, I gained a better understanding of the importance of having a good date and timing for important events in my life. The wedding package which I've sought out has been well thought out and comprehensive. David comes as a highly recommended individual. I would not hesitate to consult David in the future for the rest of the important dates I will require in the future. Overall, it was money well spent. Kudos."

- Bryan Lim & Esther Koh (Lab Analyst & Auditor)

"Thanks for your fast and professional service. We're able to get our dates within short notice. The information given was more than what I expected and I'm really thankful for that. The wedding goodies are even more fabulous, totally practical and essential for every couples!"

- Sheryce Ng & Choon Heng (Bank Officer)

"David really shows that he is very knowledgeable in his work and his confidence in his explanations makes us feel more assured and trust his professionalism. I would recommend him to my friends who are getting married and need professional advices on the date selections"

- Natasha Ng & Sam Lim (Executive Assistant and Logistic Executive)

"I have consulted quite a few bazi masters who disappointed me before I decided to give it one last try with Master David Tong. And I am very satisfied with his consultation. In the commercial world, it's rare to come by the combination of technical mastery and sincerity in wanting the best for the clients, but you will find it in Master David Tong. I have already decided to be his repeat customer for fengshui consultation. I am happy to get to know him."

- Judy ( Assistant Accountant)

"We are both very grateful for the efforts of Master Tong as he agreed to meet us at a very short notice. He had even gone the extra mile of providing us with the traditional details in a wedding and we are very happy with his services. Not only was he knowledgeable, he was also flexible by informing us of the youngsters' wedding practices nowadays. Once again, thank you so much Master Tong!!"

- Gabriel Song & Lin Minghui (Civil Servants)

"David is very friendly and patience in his explanation for the Bazi reading. He may be young, but his analysis is pretty accurate so if my friends ask me for fengshui master recommendation, I will recommend him"

- Cindy (Executive)

"I chance upon Master David Tong's forum when sourcing for Feng Shui services through the forum. After exchanging several emails and meet up in person, I can say that David is a really friendly, helpful and accommodating person. He provides a clear and thorough explanation for our wedding selection date. He even goes an extra mile to provide us all the information we needed be it within or outside his scope. Very helpful indeed. Looking forward to get feng shui service from him again in the future."

- Lydia Hakim & Greg Tan (Engineer & Finance Executive)

"David is very helpful and willing to answers all our questions even when it is out of the service scope. His friendliness makes us feel comfortable during the meet up. His willingness to go the extra mile for clients has helped us a lot in the whole wedding preparation. Thank a lot David!"

- Joanna Huang (Marketing Executive / Sales Engineer)

"David provides great service and he is professional. There was no hard-selling involved, and he patiently provided answers to the doubts our parents had towards modern Fengshui. What's more, he even gave us additional information on wedding procedures which is beyond his scope of work. Will definitely recommend him to our friends! Thank you!! "

- Charmaine Tan & Sebastian Swee

"Nice and friendly guy. Explained how the dates are chosen and what are the things to look out for when doing Guo Da Li.Answered all questions even though it is not in my package. Thanks."

- Edwin Lim & Celine So (IT Administrator)

"We are very pleased with the quality of service that Master Tong had provided. The consultation was detailed & informative, greatly exceeded our expectations. We will definitely refer Master Tong to others who are interested in Weddings Dates , as well as geomancy consultancy."

- Joe Fu & Irene Tay

"My boyfriend and I are very happy to be able to meet Mr David Tong and to have him help us in our wedding date selection. Mr Tong is very patient and answers our queries with a smile always. He is helpful and we definitely would recommend him to our friends and relatives! Thank you!"

- Jerine Teh (Civil Servant)

"We will recommend couples to look for David for his service as he is efficient and friendly. We like his service and hope you guys can benefit from it too."

- Alvina Ang & Alex Chan

"David is a geomancer who is fluent in English, explains well and knows what working professionals really want from the consultations. There is no hard-sell of crystals or other 'lucky' items. Furthermore, to speak to him, there is no need to go through a network of redundant receptionists/staff. He provides a one-stop, casual, prompt, warm and personable service. Highly recommended!"

- Desmond (Engineer)

"From the moment I made the call to David to enquire about the wedding date package, fixing appointment to meet up and getting the whole report has been a very pleasant experience. He was also very patient in explaining the dos & donts of what Chinese customs is but at the same time explain to us from a real fengshui (not superstitious) perspective how this whole thing works. I also like the fact that he's open to let us seek him for further advise if any doubts. Really appreciate your help David! Thank you!"

- Dina Sim & Vincent Lim (Product Manager & Senior Mortgage consultant)

"Another round of great service and always exceeding expectation! Am really grateful for the Bazi analysis and clarifications. It's really helpful, especially for the lost sheep like me."

- Ng Peining

"We were very confused and blur initially but after the session with David, we've got the whole picture clear. He is very patient when explaining the various processes and shares many of his experiences with us. Will definitely recommend him to our friends."

- Pier Leow & Wendy Yao (Bank Officer)

"Master Tong is very friendly and professional. He's willing to go the extra mile for his clients (prompt replies, good advices, working late into the night) to work out the dates. And I can always go back to him on more questions with no worries. Many thanks!"

- Yeo Lili (Snr Business Analyst)

"David is very approachable and friendly. Patiently explain all the details on the wedding dates and customs to us. The wedding goodies given were very useful. Thanks David for the extra mile you took."

- Francis Lau & Jessica Teo (Operation Manager)

"David is very friendly and helpful. Very patient and detail on explaining feng shui and the wedding customs. Excellent service and will sure recommend to my friends."

- Wayne Loh & Yueling (System Administrator)

"A basic, yet very comprehensive wedding dates selection package which caters to the needs of the younger generation (most of us have no clues about what to do). It is an essential guide to making your wedding dates selection easier. It pays attention to important wedding customs such as Guo Da Li and An Chuang. We applaud Master David Tong's kind gestures of wedding goodies which include the arrangements for guests, wedding songs etc. These come in very handy on the wedding day and unload preparation stress! He emphasized that he is always available through email and we can always seek his advice him if we need any clarifications. Such dedication made us feel that we are his valued customers. We felt very comfortable throughout the session and definitely recommend his services to all couples!"

- Denise Teh & Lit Sian (Teacher & Executive)

"Reasonable pricing with good service provided during the consultation as well as pre and post consultation. Mr Tong is a friendly and helpful professional. I will recommend Mr Tong to my other friends who require such geomancy services."

- Jack Ng & Huay Ling

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