Some Commonly Asked Questions About Bazi

31 Dec 2010

Question 1: What is Bazi (八字)? 

Answer: Bazi (known as Eight Characters in Chinese) refers to our Year, Month, Day and Hour of birth.  In the West, this is commonly known as the 4 Pillars of Destiny.  Bazi is used mainly for the purpose of Destiny Analysis, in which a person’s character, wealth, career, health, marriage and luck cycle can be calculated and predicted since the day he or she is born, and this is fixed for his or her entire life. Below is an example of a Bazi Destiny Chart, as well as the luck cycles (that is, when a person will go through good or bad luck)    




Another usage of Bazi is used for the purpose of Auspicious Date Selections, such as wedding, surgery, opening of new business, signing of contracts, launching of a marketing campaign etc etc.


Question 2: Is Bazi derived from the Lunar Calendar? 

Answer: Neither! Bazi is derived from the Solar Calendar (万年历). There is a huge misconception that Bazi is derived using the Lunar Calendar. This is incorrect and a huge mistake. There is a huge difference between the Lunar Calendar and Solar Calendar. Lunar calendar is based on the rotation of the Moon around Earth while Solar calendar is based on the rotation of the Earth around the Sun. Hence, if the lunar calendar is used to derive a Bazi chart, that person will end up with a wrong Bazi chart, and hence his/her destiny will be interpreted wrongly or ends up selecting a wrong date for his or her wedding!


Question 3: Can Bazi be used to do black magic? 

Answer: Some people fear giving their Bazi to a Feng Shui master as they thought it can be used to perform black magic. This is NOT true! Bazi alone cannot be used to perform any form of black magic. Think about it…if Bazi can really be used to perform black magic, is there a need for any country to go to war? Is there really a need to spend so much money on their military? They could just hire Feng Shui masters to do black magic on their enemies. Isn’t this a cheaper and faster alternative? Another scenario for you to think about… If you are a fan of Andy Lau or S.H.E, I believe you can easily find out their birth data online. Isn’t it easy to make them fall in love with you if we can really do black magic using their birth data?


Question 4: For the time of birth, do we have to give you the exact minute or just a range will do? 

Answer: In Chinese, 1 ‘Shi Chen’ (时辰) is 2 hours, e.g. 1300hrs – 1459hrs, 1500hrs – 1659hrs, 1700hrs – 1859hrs and so forth. Hence, there is no need to provide the exact time of birth if you are not comfortable with it. So long as the time you provided is within 1 “Shi Chen”, that will be sufficient.


Question 5: Can Bazi be used to see past or future life? 

Answer: No. Bazi is derived from your birthday and time of birth and this is the point in time when you are born into this world. Bazi only tells you the Destiny of your current life, not your past or your future life. By the way, what is the use of knowing your past or future life? What if you know your past or future life is an Emperor or a cockroach? Does it make any difference? How can you verify if you are really an Emperor in your past life if someone tells you so? To me, the past or future life is not important. What is important is your current life. If you cannot even manage your current life properly, why think about the past life when nothing can be changed or your future life when you don’t even know if there is really one?


Question 6: Does a person’s life get worse if you go for a Bazi reading too many times? 

Answer: This is a commonly misunderstood hearsay. How can your life get worse if you go to many different Bazi readings? Whether a person’s life gets better or worse after going through a Bazi reading is solely dependent on the person himself. If a person is optimistic, the information gained from the reading can be used to improve his life. He will focus on the positive aspects and find ways to minimize the negative aspects. On the other hand, if a person is pessimistic, he is better off not to do any form of destiny analysis at all. This is because he will only focus on the negative aspects; dwell on it everyday till he becomes more and more depressed over it. This in turn becomes self fulfilling prophecy and this will make his luck gets worse!


Question 7: Does a Bazi reading require you to buy any Feng Shui products or ornaments to cure the bad things or elements you are lacking of? 

Answer: No. All form of Bazi cures comes in the form of human actions (ie, what you do). For example, if your Bazi needs water, you got to find out what water means to you in your Bazi chart. If water to you means your wife, find a partner, get married and your wife will bring you good luck. It does not mean you have to drink more water, stay near the seaside or buy some form of blue color Pi Xiu, crystals or jades! Buying of objects does not cure whatever problems you have in your Bazi chart. This is commercialized Feng Shui. To cure it, you have to put in your own effort. 

Let me give you another scenario. If your Bazi chart indicates that there is a chance of extra marital affairs or intrusion of a 3rd party into your marriage during certain age, do you think that by wearing a jade or crystal will repel that person? Do you really think that the crystal or jades has some form of Harry Potter magic powers that can get rid of your romance luck? Wake up! The only way to solve this problem depends on you. If you cannot resist the temptation, whatever you wear is not going to help you. The only way to solve this is to reject any 3rd party coming in and you change your destiny. Simple? Not as easy as it sounds… 

One of the most absurd cases I’ve came across on wedding dates selection is last year, in 2009. This girl came to me and told me that she went to a famous Feng Shui master to select her wedding date and paid $300++ for it.  As she had some last minute change of plans and need to change the dates, she rang up the Feng Shui shop and her saleswoman told her that the master is currently “闭关修练” and don’t entertain anyone! Personally, to me, this is just an excuse. Come on…this is the 21st century…we are not living in the “gong fu” period. Feng Shui masters don’t “闭关修练”! Anyway, this is also why after that, she found me through the internet and came to me to re-calculate the dates. 

During our conversation, she asked me a very strange question “Can I wear diamond ring?” I asked her why and she mentioned that the previous Feng Shui master said that her Bazi cannot wear diamond ring as it will curse the husband and bring bad luck to him. Hence, he recommended her a jade ring from his shop that is supposed to cost about 4 digits. Luckily, being a smart girl, she didn’t buy the ring.  However, this leaves a fear in her memory and when we met that day, she told me that she haven’t buy a diamond ring for her wedding yet and she is afraid that it will curse her husband. I told her not to be afraid, go ahead and buy one for her wedding. I rest assure her that it will not bring harm in any way! Of course, she left with a big smile on her face.  When we met again few months later for her new house Feng Shui, I am happy to see that on her ring finger, is a big glittering diamond. 

In this field, there are many self proclaimed famous “black sheep” masters that gave this metaphysical science a bad name. In order to sell their products, they resort to all kinds of underhand methods, especially using fear factor. Hopefully, after reading this, you will not be lured into such tricks by these “black sheep” masters again.


Question 8: How can you tell if a Bazi master is genuine and knows his work? 

Answer. This is simple. Ask him about your past, when it is good and when it is bad. If he can tell you which luck pillar you went through is good luck and which luck pillar you went through is bad luck, he has passed the initial test. If he or she can only tell you “the older you get, the better your luck is”, or everything he tells you is very vague and general, or keep pushing you to buy products and ornaments, he or she is not a genuine practitioner, but a salesperson.





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