The Process of An Authentic Feng Shui Audit

12 Apr 2011

What is a Feng Shui audit like? How should it be carried out? Is there really a need to buy those expensive crystals, jades and Feng Shui ornaments?  For those who are getting married, buying property for the first time and wanted to do a Feng Shui audit for your new home, but are afraid of ending up spending thousands of dollars to buy expensive Feng Shui items from the master, fear not! Here, I will share with you how a proper Authentic Feng Shui audit should be conducted so that you know what to look out for the next time you engage a Feng Shui master.

Classical vs New Age Feng Shui

Generally speaking, there are 2 types of Feng Shui practice in the market.  The first is what we call Classical Feng Shui.  Classical Feng Shui uses methods and techniques that focus on how to harness the Qi (or energy) from the environment as well as inside the property to support the wealth, health and relationship aspects of the occupants. The formulas used are documented in Classical Feng Shui text with roots that can be traced back to Ancient China.  The focus is on the location and direction of the property as well as placement of key furniture inside the property that will have significant impact on the occupants.  There is no need to purchase anything from the master to enhance the Feng Shui of the property.

The second is what we termed as New Age Feng Shui.  New Age Feng Shui relies on the selling of products to their clients and depends largely on using psychological motivation (through displaying of Feng Shui ornaments) as Feng Shui cure.  If the Feng Shui of a house is very bad, this can be dangerous because this does not alter or change the Feng Shui of the house in any way, as we shall see shortly. Hence the problems remain and act as a time bomb, ready to ignite and explode when the time is up.

A typical Classical Feng Shui Audit

In a Classical Feng Shui audit, the master will first check the external surrounding environment for any Sha Qi or negative forms that may affect the property.  Swimming pools, water features, rivers, lakes, canals, flyovers, MRT & LRT tracks, expressway, roads, sharp corners from other buildings are all examples of external feature that may affect the Feng Shui of your property.

Internally, within your property, a Classical Feng Shui master usually focus on the main door, stove positioning, location of bedroom, bed positioning within the room as well as any water features such as fish tank or water fountain that you may have in your house.  These are the “key” components within your house that will affect you. Usually when a house is very bad in Feng Shui, either one or all of the positioning of these “key” components will be wrong.

A good Classical Feng Shui master is able to predict the good and bad events that had happened to you and your family when you are staying in that property.  He must be able to tell you specifically the problems that you are currently facing without the need for you to tell him anything.  You might ask “how do you know if my house has bad Feng Shui”? The answer is very simple. If after moving in and you find that you are falling sick often for no reason, or if someone in the family got cancer or other major illnesses not long after moving in, or if you find that your career or business is going downhill or losing money continuously after you moved into the new property, or if your spouse attitude changed and you suspect him of having an extra-marital affairs, you can be almost certain that the Feng Shui of your house is bad and needs correction immediately, before it is too late.

Main Door

In Classical Feng Shui, the most important factor is the main door.  The main door is also known as the Qi mouth, and this determines the “DNA” of the house. If the Qi at the main door is positive, this house can be classified as having good Feng Shui. We just have to make sure the internal arrangements are arranged correctly accordingly to Classical Feng Shui principles. Conversely, if the Qi at the main door is negative, the Feng Shui of the house is bad and in this case, it is very important to make sure that the rest of the internal arrangements are correct.  Otherwise, this will create a disastrous effect on the occupants sooner or later.  In this case, the cure normally comes in the form of door tilting to change the entire destiny of the house or introducing elemental cures.  Placing of Ba Gua mirrors is just a superstition and is not an authentic Feng Shui cure. If the Qi at the main door is bad, no amount of Ba Gua mirrors will be able to save you.

Stove Positioning

The second most important factor is the stove positioning within the kitchen.  Stove affects the health of the occupants. If the stove is positioned wrongly, the common symptoms are that someone in the family falling sick often with no apparent reason, suffered from some major illnesses not long after shifting in, miscarriage or inability to conceive. Contrary to popular belief, stove positioning is not as simple as just making sure that the stove and sink should not be together or opposite each other. There are much more technical aspects to consider and is not something for the amateur to meddle with.

Bedroom & Bed Positioning

The location of the bedroom is another important factor. Sometimes, the master bedroom may not be the best room within the house. If your other bedroom is the career or wealth sector, by sleeping in that room alone could actually help to boost your career and wealth luck.  Within the bedroom, the positioning of the bed is crucial. The location as to where to place the bed within the room and which direction it should face will have a direct impact on the occupant sleeping on it. If placed wrongly, that occupant may suffer from either poor health or wealth related problems.

Water Features

Lastly, the placement of water features such as fish tank, water fountains, ponds or swimming pool is also very important.  As the Chinese proverb goes “water can float a ship, but it can also sink a ship”. If placed correctly at the wealth sector, water can help to trigger the wealth and career luck of the occupants. If placed at the romance sector, it can trigger the romance luck, and this is good if you are single.  But if you are already married, this may result in extra-marital affairs.  If placed wrongly at the sector where the negative Qi are, it will usually bring about major health problems or wealth related problems. All these specific problems can be calculated and pinpoint by a good Classical Feng Shui master.  The effects of water are very fast, and you can usually notice it taking effect within a couple of months. If you don’t intend to do Feng Shui, never place a water feature in your home.  Chances are that you will get it wrong!

Qi Calculation

How do we calculate the Qi that I am talking about in the entire article? This is computed based on the facing of the house as well as the time that you moved into the house.  With this information on hand, as well as the floor plan, a good Classical Feng Shui master will be able to tell you everything about your house.  The occupants’ birth data is also taken into consideration to see who will benefit more from the house.

In Conclusion

As you can see above, if Feng Shui is done correctly according to Classical Feng Shui techniques, there is no need to purchase any crystals, jades or Feng Shui ornaments at all.  When your friends come to your home, no one knows that it is Feng Shui-ed before.  This is what we call “Feng Shui at its highest level”.  If Feng Shui is all about ornaments, then every house that is Feng Shui-ed before will look like either a temple or a Chinese museum!

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